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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Man Charged With Homicide Of Usher's Step Son

An arrest charge has been made in connection with the death of Usher's stepson. reports that Jeffrey Simon Hubbard was arrested after a grand jury in Hall County, Geogia.  They convicted him of  Homicide by Vessel, Serious Injury by Vessel and Reckless Opperation of a Vessel.

In July 2012 Usher's stepson(Kyle Glover) and another young girl were struck by a jet ski driven by Hubbard. While the girl managed to get away with minor injuries Kyle was not so lucky. Kyle spent ten days in a coma then died on July 21st.

Although it is unclear why he is being charged,Hubbard is being held without bail, and will appear in front of a Judge this weekend.

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