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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Snoop Lion Announces Release Date For "Reincarnated"

Snoop has finally announced the release date for his debut reggae album "Reincarnated".  The album will be released on April 23rd.  Confirmed artists featured on the project include Drake, Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, T.I., Akon  and Rita Ora just to name a few.

"We were searching for true reggae music and the message of peace it reflects," says Snoop.  "It's so much apart of who I am and the record is about paying homage and giving respect to those who created and love reggae music and hopefully introducing it to a whole new audience.  I feel truly honored to make this album and respect to those who blazed the path for me."

Azealia Banks Announces New Single From "Broke With Expensive Taste"

Azealia Banks is getting ready to release some music.  She is going to release her first single "Barely Legal" on March 26th on iTunes

Rihanna Graces The Cover Of Elle Magazine

Rihanna graces the cover of Elle UK Magazine's April 2013 issue.  RiRi models pieces from her river island spring/summer 2013 collection along with additional pieces from Louis Vuitton and Prada.  The shots were taken in Paris by well known photographer Mariano Vivanco.  The special edition double cover hits the news stands on March 6th 2013.

The Dogg Pound And Snoop Dogg "L.A. Here's To You"

Meek Mill Reveals The Tracklist For "Dreamchasers 3"

Last night Meek Mill decided to give the fans a little sneek peek of the tracklist to his upcoming mixtape "Dreamchasers 3" as you can see in the picture below it features such artists like Trina, Future, Jadakiss, Waka Flocka Flame and his newset artist Guardian.

50 Cent says Mayweather Ducked Pacquiao

While talking to skip bayless and Jamele Hill on ESPN 50 cent says Mayweather ducked Pacquiao.  While he did say that he and Mayweather are still friends he still thinks Mayweather ducked Pacquiao. He reffered to Mayweather's incarceration as a traumatic experience and that he cannot wait to see how he will perform in the ring.

Kendrick Lamar Speaks About SNL and The Late Show And Why He's Not Recording His Second Album Yet

Earlier this week Kendrick rocked The Roseland Ballroom with two shows. caught up with Kendrick backstage at HOT97 after his first set. Kendrick expalins why he is not working on his second album and how much he loved his recent gigs such as The Late Show and SNL.

"I haven't locked in album mode, I write everyday though.  I have ideas all the time, but me going in the studio and locking in, making the next album I don't wanna force things.  I still want to live in this moment.  My biggest mistake today is not living in the moment and understanding everything that's going on."

He continues "Right now would be more of a moment of inspiration"Says Kendrick.   He goes on to say when he'll start recording again.  "Being inspired to go back and be confident in what I want to say next.  I don't think it would be an actual date.

Watch the interview below.

Trinidad Jame$ - All Gold Everything (Remix) ft. T.I., Young Jeezy, & 2 Chainz Official Video

Krayzie Bone's "The Quick Fix:Level 1" Due On March 12th

Bone Thugz-n-Harmony's Krayzie Bone is set to drop his next project "The Quick Fix:Level 1" next month.

Krayzie has released the art work for the project. Also a snippet of seven songs with the addition of three bonus tracks have also been put out.

The Quick Fix:Level 1 is set to release on March 12th and features Brian Gabriel, Duke Terelle, Position and Tiana Payne.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Redman - Lookn Fly Too (Feat Method Man & R.E.A.D.Y. Roc)

J. Cole - Power Trip (Lyric) ft. Miguel

Big K.R.I.T. ft Bun B 'Shine On'

Pitbull Responds To Lil Wayne's Tweet

Lil Wayne has broken his silence and took to twitter this morning tweeting "Dam pit bull bro I thought you was kool".

Pitbull responded to this tweet by stating "I am cool papo but imagine me sh*tting on anything new orleans which I was just there for the super bowl the big easy I loved it.the world shows me love and vise versa but miami is all I got no disrespect just the truth."

N.O.R.E Changes His Name To P.A.P.I. And "Student Of The Game" Release Date announced

N.O.R.E. is undergoin another name change but he is sticking to the acronyms.  He has changed his name to P.A.P.I. for his upcomming LP "Student Of The Game".

"I wanted to do somrthing totally different for the album said N.O.R.E. in an MTV interview. 

"Sometimes when your lost the best way to find where your at is to go to beginning, he continued My mother doesn't even call me Victor, my father has never called me victor, my teachers didn't even call me victor.  My name in Lefrak City and my name in Queens  is actually P.A.P.I. it's not even N.O.R.E."

He later explained that P.A.P.I is short for Power Always Proves Intelligence 

He also announced that the release of "Student Of The Game" will be on April 16th 

Joey Bada$$ Talks Not Signing w/ Roc Nation & Staying Independent

Chris Brown Says Hitting Rihanna Was The Biggest Mistake Of His Life

Chris Brown has admitted that he and Rihanna are in fact back together. While at Elton John's post oscars party he said that hitting Rihanna back in 2009 was the biggest mistake of his life and  and that he has really grown and matured since then.

"Sometimes you row, you fight with the one you love and things get said. and stuff spirals. that night was the deepest regret of my life, the biggest mistake.  But she loves me,what can I say?  I'm forgiven but yes i worked hard for it. I was very young and I took a lot f stuff, fame for granted.  I didn't understand it.  The support from those who do know me and the fans, who are incredible got me through."

When asked about the jokes and comments made by other he simply said, "People attack me and criticize me, it happens all the time, but they don't know me and they don;t know us.  It doesn't bother me anymore.  Other people can judge us but they don't know anything."

Rihanna was contacted and confirmed this change in Chris saying he is not the monster everyone thinks he is "He's a good person who is "giving and loving, fun to be around" and has a fantastic heart."

Tyler, The Creator Shares his Views On Racism And The N-word

In arecent interview with New York's HOT 97 Tyler The Creator weighed in his feelings about racism. He says he does not care if a white person uses the n-word.

"We don't actually give a f*ck about this sh*t" he said when asked about white people using the n-word. "Mothaf*ckers who care are the reason racism is still alive."

when confronted about his historical views on the n-word he simply said that's no his palette.

"That's sick. That's cool he says about those who fought for racial equality against the derogatory term in the past.  I guess people my age were not even thinking like that.  when you think like that you keep the racims alive when that's not even on our palette."

When asked what he stands for he replied "getting rich and having as much fun as i can"

Tyler was also asked what he would do if a white person used the term offensively against him and he replied "I don't know. It's a then and there thing. It's never happened." You can see the whole thing in the video beleow.

Lil Wayne Responds To Pitbull's Diss Track

In recent times Lil Wayne went on a rant about The Maimi Heat and Miami in general saying "F*ck Miami Heat","F*ck LeBron James" and "F*ck Dwyane Wade".  He also claimed that he slept with Chris Bosh's wife. He later apologized for his statements, but only to Lebron and Miami.

Pitbull put out a "Harlem Shake Remix Welcome to Dade county" firing at Weezy, saying "You got money yea that's sweet/ But we all know Slim and Baby really eat/ You takin Miami yes you talikin Heat/ Moral of The story don't sh*t where you eat."

Lil Wayne has broken his silence and took to twitter to respond to Pitbull's track, but not in the way some of you might think.  Wayne simply tweeted "Dam pit bull bro I thought you was kool"

J.Cole Explains His Delay For "Born Sinner" And Explains His Relationship With Roc Nation.

In an recent interview with MTV News Cole explained why the album didn't drop on the original release date.  Cole says "Roc Nation and Columbia were cool with it, like whatever you wanna do"

Cole however realised that the original release date what not possible.  "Really that was a bad move.  We decided that we got everybody playing on the same team and the same frequency.  This is the Sophomore album let's not f*ck aroud". Cole continued "Lets really roll this out right, get the proper single, get the proper videos, proper brands"he continued "There are certain things that you can line up to make an album feel bigger."

Cole also said that ther visions that Roc Nation and he have for the album are in concert, unlike his previous album Cole World: the Sideline Story. "On this one we're getting full lable support.  We got a sync about us this go round that was not there on the first one and it's a beautiful thing."

Joey Bada$$ Announces Collabs With Pete Rock And Q-Tip

In a recent interview with the Power 105's Breakfast Club Joey Bada$$ revealed that he has been working with Pete Rock and Q-Tip for his new music. He also said that he is being mentored by Premo about the industry.

"Recently I'v been working with some legends DJ Premier, Pete rock.  I got a chance to get in the studio with Q-Tip the other day" said Joey. "I'm just extremely ecstatic about all this.  When I first met Premier he was just like me and the Hip Hop O.G and like he's riding with you so like he's trying to make sure you're doing the right things too." 

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A-Trak ft. Juicy J, Jim Jones, Flatbush Zombies, El-P & Flosstradamus - Pi

Nicki Minaj Wears Pasties On The Set Of French Montana's "Freaks"

Trevor Jackson - Like We Grown [Official Video]

Styles P f. Sheek Louch - Hater Love Audio

MGK Announces Tour Dates For The 'Lace Up Tour'

Machine Gun Kelly has announced the dates for his upcoming 'Lace Up Tour'.

The tour will start in Boston Massachusetts at The Wilbur Theater on Feb 28th. Some stops will include Toledo, Ohio, Dallas, Texas, and Greenville, Pennsylvania.  The tour will end on March 30th at Memphis, Tennessee's Mingle wood Hall.

Exact tour dates in the video below.


Kanye West Rants Again And Confirms New Album

Kanye went on another rant after his performance in Paris, France's Le Zenith. He stated "There's no motherf*cking awards or sponsorships or none of that sh*t that can stop the dedication to bringing y'all that real sh*t." He continued "No matter how they try to control you or the motherf*cker next to you tries to peer pressure you, or try to get the best of you or see what you did and take the rest of you, you can do what you motherf*cking want."

Kanye also stated that he is working on his new album. "I wanted to let you know, I'm working on my new sh*t." West stated.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Ron Browz - Rollin - Feat Nore (P.A.P.I) Official Music Video

Pitbull Fires At Lil Wayne For Miami Comments

Pitbull fires at Lil Wayne for dissing his hometown. Rapping over the instrumental to Harlem Shake Pitbull goes in on Weezy.

Pitbull says that only the CEO's of YMCMB are profiting from the music Weezy puts out. "you got money yea that's sweet, but we all know Slim and Baby really eat, you talk Miami yes you talkin Heat, moral of the story don't sh*t where you eat."

Akon Sued For Stage Diving And Crippling A Man

Akon is apparently being sued by an angry concert worker that he disabled. Apparently Akon was trying to stage dive and carelessly landed an the victim Matthew Graham.

Graham claims that he was working at a show in BayFest Festival in Alabama back in 2009 when Akon jumped into an a crowd of fans and hit him.

Graham says that he sustained permanent damage to his knee, head, back and body and is now physically disabled.

He is suing for medical expenses, lost wages, physical pain and mental trauma.  Graham is also suing BayFest, Inc. 

Check out the video below.  

Gunplay Dismissed On Armed Robery Charge

Gunplay is completely off the hook says TMZ. Remember that video of Gunplay robbing his accountant?  Well, it appears the court dropped the case.

He has been exonerated even though there is video evidence that he did commit the crime.  This is because the victim did not cooperate with authorities who, tried to subpoena the victim but could not be found.  

"Video alone is not enough to convict and individual of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt,"
said the Maimi-Dade State Attorney's Office.  " Although the armed robbery is caught on the victim's surveillance system, the victim Turron Woodside, is uncooperative of the prosecution of this defendant Richard Morales(Gunplay)."

 Here's what Gunplay had to say "Today I'm grateful and blessed that the case was dismissed I plan on picking up where I left off with my music and make hits with my debut album" he continued "the first thing I'm going to do today is smoke a joint, relax, play video games and just be with my loved ones."

He then took to Twitter and said "I just gave the State of Florida back a life sentence!! Case dismissed!! S/o to da Bath Salt Boss @rickyrozay #medellin"

Styles P announces new 'Float' album and release date

Styles P announced his new album 'Float' produced by Scram Jones.  This album is set to release on April 20th.

Nature Sounds and High Times will release the project says the rapper in a promotional video that he did.  "Get ready for Float, I said get ready for Float said Styles "Float is the ill project by Scram Jones and myself.        Make sure you check it out it's going to be poppin.  Shout out to High Times and Nature Sounds."

He says the album will have something for everyone.  "Float is just a real crazy project.  If you a Hip Hop head, if you a pothead, if you a music head if you just a head of fly sh*t , float is the project you wanna have, man." Check out the video below

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Kanye not a fan of 'Suit and Tie'

Kanye west is not feeling 'Suit and tie' by Justin Timeberlake and Jay-Z, and he make his feelings clear after he performs 'Clique' in London, England's Hammersmith Apollo.

Yeezy shortly stated he is not a fan of 'Suit and Tie' he said "I got love for HOV but ain't fuckin' wit that 'suit and tie'"

see in the video below

Project Pat & Nasty Mane - Countin Money

Papoose's Track List for 'The Nacirema Dream'

Papoose released the track list for his upcoming album 'The Nacirema Dream' view the the list below

01. Intro
02. Motion Picture
03. Mother Ghetto
04. Aim Shoot ft Mobb Deep
05. Skit
06. Cure ft Erykah Badu
07. Nicirema Dream
08. Pimpin Won't die
09. 6AM ft Jim Jones and Jadakiss
10. Skit
11. Law Library part 8
12. Whats my name ft Remy Ma
13. On Top Of My Game ft Movado
14. Faith
15. Turn it up ft DJ Premier
16. Die Like A G
17. Get At Me ft Ron Browz
18. Where I Come From Ft Dada Stone,Odog,Manson,Kino and C-Brown of Thugacation
19. R.I.P.
20 .Alphabetical Slaughter Part II/ Z to A

MC Hammer arrested for obstruction of an officer, but he claims racism

MC Hammer was arrested yesterday for obstructing a police officer, but Hammer claims he was a victim of racism.

According to TMZ MC Hammer was arrested and released from the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, California. for  obstruction of a Policeman on duty, but MC Hammer took  to twitter with a different story.

"Chubby Elvis looking dude was tapping on my car window, I rolled down my window and he said 'Are you on parole or probation'?'"he wrote.  "While I was handing him my ID he reached in my car and tried to pull me out but forgot he was on a steady donut diet. It was comical to me until he pulled out his guns, blew hi whistle and yelled for help (MallCop)!!! But make no mistake he's dangerous..only thing more dangerous than a scared man with a gun is a scared man with an agenda a gun and a badge.  I was cited for obstruction smh.  You have to know me to know I was laughing while he was grunting and pulling on me.  I had just left the weight room..I will now answer this question contrary to his personal beliefs, all people of color are not on parole or probation fat boy!!!"

Jared Evan f. Lil Fame - Uma Thurman

Birdman says he instantly loved 'Started From The Bottom'

Birdman says that he knew Drake's "Started From The Bottom" would be a big hit.  In a recent interview with MTV Birdman breaks down his feelings about Drake's new song.

Baby says the first time that Drake played the track for himself and Weezy they were instantly wowed.

"When He played it for me and Wayne we were in The Studio about a month ago"said Birdman.  "I think this record is something for Him to be different.  That He is.  He's not a normal guy when it comes to music.  He's one of the most talented, really when it comes to music.  To me I loved it.  When we first heard it we were like 'wow' we were amazed.  He played alot of songs for us and that one there was one of the ones."

Drake is currently working on his third Studio Album "Nothing Was The Same'.  

Chevy - Things Change (Prod. by Sap) [Official Music Video]

Bow Wow being sued for 600,000 Dollars

Cash Money Records is in hot water right now as Robert Poindexter of The 70's Band claims that they have sampled his bands song "Love Gotta Pack Up(and Walk Out)".  as a result Robert is suing Cash Money for 600,000 dollars plus interest. 

The suit says that neither Bow Wow or Cash Money Records got permission to sample the bands song for Bow Wow's 2010 track "Still Ballin".  

Friday, 22 February 2013

Rihanna's Home almost Burglarized

A man has been arrested outside of Rihanna's home in the Pacific Palisades, well not exactly her home.  TMZ reports that a man had been emailed instructions to break into Rihanna's Home. The man had broken into The House right next to her's believing it was Rihanna's.

This man was arrested and is now in custody and is being charged with burglary.

Fat Joe - Ceilings To The Sky

The First photo of Wiz and His son Sebastian

This is a picturethat Amber tweeted last night.  Wiz was comforting Sebastian because he woke up in the middle of the night. Amber tweeted "Best Daddy ever....Up with the baby so Muva can go back to sleep :-) 

Looks like Wiz is enjoying Fatherhood!

Trick Daddy responds to Lil Wayne's Rant about Miami

Trick Daddy andry with Lil wayne for his comments about Miami, especially because Miami is Trick's Hometown. He says he would rather make a call for unity than see someone disrespect his Hometown.

During an interview with 99 JAMZ he said "I don't care who be offended by what I say.  I rep My city and want no one disrespecting." He continued to say "We've got to stick together as radio, as artists, as DJ s and fans who love the music as a whole.  That's what makes a community.

Kendrick Lamar ft Drake Poetic Justice Official Video

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose give birth to Sebastian Taylor Thomaz

Today Wiz and Amber welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world.  Originally The Baby was due on the 24th of February but he came a little earlier than expected.

"Daddy Time" Wiz Khalifa tweeted a few hours ago, He continued to tweet "Happy Birthday Sebastian"The Bash"Taylor Thomaz!!!Y'Yo/ooY(TM)OE Everyone welcome this perfect young man into the world.

Lil Wayne NOT sorry for what he said about the Miami Heat except for LeBron James

Lil Wayne say he's not sorry for having sex with Chris bosh's Wife. Lil wayne to to WERD Radio in Miami to address the video footage of himself Bashing The Miami heat and the NBA.  "I don't apologize for that night.  I dont apologize for who I am.  I don't take nothing back this is who I am" said the Young Money Rapper.

Wayne did however take back what He said about LeBron saying "I didn't mean to say f**k LeBron.  That's my homie." He also apologized to the city of Miami for his outburst, but did not apologize to Te Miami Heat.

Wayne claims that he and Dwyane Wade got into a little altercation, claiming that when he was cheering for The Lakers Dwyane cursed him out and things have been heated ever since.

Frank Ocean Sophomore Album well under way

Frank is well within the Process of recording his Sophomore Album.  During an interview with BBC the singer talked about many things such as a possible Biography, His appearance at the Grammy's and also confirmed that his second album is in the works.

"I'm like 10 11 songs into the next thing," he said.  "I dont know what to tell you other than its another cohesive thing bordering on a concept record again.  At the end of Channel Orange there's 'Golden girl' at this beach scene I want to extend that feeling to the next record altogether to make it that theme.  so I'm going to Bora Bora when I get back then work for a few weeks.

he says he is heading to the studio with Pharrell Wiliams.  He also plans to enlist the help of producer Danger Mouse."I'm getting in with Danger Mouse when I get back to the States," he said."Usually when I meet those guys, we'll sit.  If we happen to write something, we do.  It's just cool to feel it out first.  It has to be just right as far as chemistry goes, but I love Tame Impala.  Tyler(The Creator) put me on to Tame Impala."

Wale confronts NBA commentators for making jokes about him

Wale did not take kindly to a pair of commentators comments in the recent Wizards Game.  Wale heckled Toronto Raptors player Rudy Gay, this caused Rudy to give a response causing some tension.  The commentators turned their attention to Wale pointing him out as a "local rapper" and stated that He's no "Drake that's for sure". A fan heckling him and supposedly this fan is a well known local rapper.  Wall-ay locally know here said one of the commentators."Wale is inspiring I'm sure somebody on twitter could tell me if they exactly had ever heard of Wale.

Wale then left his seat to confront the commentators for disrespecting him.

Even though is does not have sound here is a clip of Wale confronting the commentators.

Omarion enlists the help of Pharrell, Tank and James Fauntleroy for his upcoming album ‘Love and Other Drugs’

The singer is currently in the studio working on his fourth studio album 'Love and Other Drugs' which does not have a release date yet.
"Thats the most important thing, and showing different sides of my music and myself, especially being with the crew that I'm with,"said Omarion to Hiphopdxd "It's been a journey but I think I'm piquing the curiosity of people with my music and where I'm taking it.  That's been enough for me."
Omarion has already taken to the studio with esteemed song writers and producers such as; Tank, James Fauntleroy, Pharell Wiliams and Eric hudson although he would like to keep features lite. 

Emeli Sande Ft Kendrick Lamar - Next To Me