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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

J.Cole Explains His Delay For "Born Sinner" And Explains His Relationship With Roc Nation.

In an recent interview with MTV News Cole explained why the album didn't drop on the original release date.  Cole says "Roc Nation and Columbia were cool with it, like whatever you wanna do"

Cole however realised that the original release date what not possible.  "Really that was a bad move.  We decided that we got everybody playing on the same team and the same frequency.  This is the Sophomore album let's not f*ck aroud". Cole continued "Lets really roll this out right, get the proper single, get the proper videos, proper brands"he continued "There are certain things that you can line up to make an album feel bigger."

Cole also said that ther visions that Roc Nation and he have for the album are in concert, unlike his previous album Cole World: the Sideline Story. "On this one we're getting full lable support.  We got a sync about us this go round that was not there on the first one and it's a beautiful thing."

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