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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Lil Wayne NOT sorry for what he said about the Miami Heat except for LeBron James

Lil Wayne say he's not sorry for having sex with Chris bosh's Wife. Lil wayne to to WERD Radio in Miami to address the video footage of himself Bashing The Miami heat and the NBA.  "I don't apologize for that night.  I dont apologize for who I am.  I don't take nothing back this is who I am" said the Young Money Rapper.

Wayne did however take back what He said about LeBron saying "I didn't mean to say f**k LeBron.  That's my homie." He also apologized to the city of Miami for his outburst, but did not apologize to Te Miami Heat.

Wayne claims that he and Dwyane Wade got into a little altercation, claiming that when he was cheering for The Lakers Dwyane cursed him out and things have been heated ever since.

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