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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Wale confronts NBA commentators for making jokes about him

Wale did not take kindly to a pair of commentators comments in the recent Wizards Game.  Wale heckled Toronto Raptors player Rudy Gay, this caused Rudy to give a response causing some tension.  The commentators turned their attention to Wale pointing him out as a "local rapper" and stated that He's no "Drake that's for sure". A fan heckling him and supposedly this fan is a well known local rapper.  Wall-ay locally know here said one of the commentators."Wale is inspiring I'm sure somebody on twitter could tell me if they exactly had ever heard of Wale.

Wale then left his seat to confront the commentators for disrespecting him.

Even though is does not have sound here is a clip of Wale confronting the commentators.

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