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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Frank Ocean Sophomore Album well under way

Frank is well within the Process of recording his Sophomore Album.  During an interview with BBC the singer talked about many things such as a possible Biography, His appearance at the Grammy's and also confirmed that his second album is in the works.

"I'm like 10 11 songs into the next thing," he said.  "I dont know what to tell you other than its another cohesive thing bordering on a concept record again.  At the end of Channel Orange there's 'Golden girl' at this beach scene I want to extend that feeling to the next record altogether to make it that theme.  so I'm going to Bora Bora when I get back then work for a few weeks.

he says he is heading to the studio with Pharrell Wiliams.  He also plans to enlist the help of producer Danger Mouse."I'm getting in with Danger Mouse when I get back to the States," he said."Usually when I meet those guys, we'll sit.  If we happen to write something, we do.  It's just cool to feel it out first.  It has to be just right as far as chemistry goes, but I love Tame Impala.  Tyler(The Creator) put me on to Tame Impala."

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